• Every card has 4 Stages of Evolution.
  • One card in every evolution must be a Stage1 card (you can not combine 2 Stage3 cards)
  • The result of an evolution will gain 5% bonus stats from each card used in the evolution, or 10% from max-leveled cards.

Evolution Bonus StatsEdit

Every card has "base stats" at every stage that the bonus stats are added on to to give you your actual stats.  Maxing out cards before combining them can result in a significantly more powerful result.  Tip:  don't level a 3* card to 49 and then think that's "close enough" to evolve with, the bonus stats gained from evolution doubles from 5% to 10% if you max out the card's level..

SnowQueen Stage4 Min

Snow Queen evolved using all Lvl 1 cards

SnowQueen Stage4 Max

Snow Queen evolved using all Lvl 50 cards